Qaasuitsup Municipality is looking forward to offshore cooperation

In the years to come still more companies will be searching for oil in the waters off Qaasuitsup Municipality. The municipality is looking forward to cooperating with the companies.

Qaasuitsup Municipality Mayor Jess Svane (S) expresses delight that the distribution of licenses is now in place.

"We look forward to welcoming the new licensees in northern Greenland," says Jess Svane.

He is looking forward to the municipality engaging in dialogue and cooperation with the companies on their activities in the municipality.

All the new oil fields – the Dogsled Fields – are located in the waters off Qaasuitsup Municipality, and they are all named with Greenlandic words related to dog-sledding: Qamut, Anu, Pitu, Napu, Tooq, Napariaq and Ingoraq,

Increased activity
This summer saw the first season of exploratory drilling off the Qaasuitsup Municipality. Especially the city of Aasiaat has experienced much activity.

In the years ahead activities will probably make their mark on both Aasiaat and other towns in the municipality.

Qaasuitsup Municipality strives to build skills handling the demands of the offshore and mining industries and especially to ensure that local inhabitants and local businesses will benefit from offshore activities.

Hans Peter B. Christensen, municipal Offshore and Mining Coordinator, says that the first drilling season in Northern Greenland has already given Qaasuitsup Municipality some experience to .

"In the coming year we will be even better to match the offshore industry's needs with the goals and needs that we have locally in Qaasuitsup Municipality," says Hans Peter B. Christensen.