Photo: Knud Lundblad / Qaasuitsup Municipality

Kangaatsiaq means "The small promontory". The youngest town in Greenland got a town status in 1986 - but of course the area has been populated for centuries. There are about 700 inhabitants living in the town and about 800 in the settlements, Attu (Agto), Niaqornaarsuk, Ikerasaarsuk and Iginniarfik.

Fishing and hunting play a big role in the area, as you can see when you get there. You can explore the traditional Greenlandic way of living with dogs and dog sledges, fish and meat, sealskins and kayaks. And in the ocean you can find various sea mammals: whales, seals, sometimes even walruses.

East of the town, there is an open 150 km long fiord with countless small seas, fiords and bays, and there is a good opportunity for the visitors to explore the archipelago by boat, canoe or kayak. During the trips you will get connected to the wildlife - reindeer, snow foxes, snow hares, birds and more.

In winter - spring, a dog sledge is a very practical vehicle in the area. In fact it only takes four days to Kangerlussuaq with a dog sledge. However, people usually arrive at Kangaatsiaq by helicopter or by ship. There is a helicopter connection to Aasiaat 3 times a week in winter (December-May) while the ship arrives 2-3 times a week in summer (May-November). It is also possible to sail here on a private boat from Aasiaat or Sisimiut. Due to the climate change, the sea has hardly been covered by ice in the past few years.

The Kangaatsiaq area

The most important sources of income in Kangaatsiaq are fishing, fishing for crabs and hunting.
The tourism in Kangaatsiaq is mainly concentrated on kayak or dogsled tours. The tourist office cooperates with Destination Avaanaa and other tourist services in the area.

The location of Kangaatsiaq
The town of Kangaatsiaq is situated at 53°21.629' W:68°17.569' N

It is north of the Arctic Circle - in summer you can enjoy the Midnight Sun and in winter there is a dark period. The dark period ends January 11th, which is celebrated by the people going up on the mountain to see the first sunrise and to sing. There are often Northern Lights during the winter.

The nearest municipalities are Aasiaat in the north and Sisimiut in the south.

The settlements:

Attu lies about 40 km south of Kangaatsiaq.
Iginniarfik lies about 40 km south of Kangaatsiaq.
Ikerasaarsuk lies about 35 km south of Kangaatsiaq.
Niaqornaarsuk lies about 40 km east of Kangaatsiaq.


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